IBH Seminar: OzBarley: from genome to phenome and back again

When: Thu, 11 Jul 2024 09:00 – 10:30 BST

The International Barley Hub is pleased to announce the next in the 2024 series of seminars: ‘OzBarley: from genome to phenome and back again’ Presented by Ken Chalmers (Associate Professor, University of Adelaide)

Speakers bio:

Ken Chalmers

Associate Professor Ken Chalmers’ research focuses on the role of molecular plant breeding in crop improvement. He is also the post-graduate coordinator for Plant Breeding and Genomics within the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine. He leads the Australian participation on the Wheat 10-Genomes and Barley Pan Genome projects and participates in several large GRDC funded programs developing molecular markers for cereal breeding and isolating cereal genes. Ken’s other research interests focus on the utilisation of genetic resources and Australian indigenous food and Chinese Traditional Medicinal plant species.

My research expertise is in the areas of plant molecular breeding and genetic analysis particularly in cereals. I have a particular interest in using and developing genetic resources for crop improvement. Much of the research I undertake in cereals is supported by the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GDRC). This includes large scale international genome sequencing programs developing pan-genomes of both wheat and barley.


OzBarley is a public resource capturing the diversity and breeding history of barley in Australia. The aim is to share genotype-to-phenotype (G2P) data of Australian barley varieties with the research community and provide a platform for future contributions by OzBarley users to grow and expand the database. We want to provide a foundation for researchers to explore and mine the diversity of Australian barley for their respective research projects.