Genetic modification ‘GM’ and gene editing ‘GE’ are essential research tools for testing and validating functions of genes responsible for important crop quality and sustainability traits. In combination with rapidly expanding and readily accessible genomics resources, these approaches enable extremely precise targeted manipulation of crop genomes.

Our Biotechnology facility has recently been established to develop and deploy GM and GE approaches in our major crop species potato and barley. We can advise collaborating research groups on experimental design and vector construction, prior to generating modified plant material in our contained facilities for subsequent downstream screening and testing.


  • Barley (cv. Golden Promise)
  • Potato (cv. Desiree, ADG7540, Hermes – and more)


Get in touch with us early in experimental planning and we will discuss and guide you through all aspects of the process. Including:

  • vector and experimental design
  • screening and validation of the modified plant material
  • advice on construct building
  • opportunities for tissue culture training

Facility Manager: Laurence Ducreux

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