Research theme: Environment

Our environment research

We deliver research on the interactions of barley with the environment, inclusive of physical, agronomic, social and commercial environments. This research ranges in scale from cellular, through whole plant interactions with soil and atmosphere and interkingdom interactions with microbes and macrofauna through to the role barley plays in cropping systems and wider value chains.

Within the environment research theme, we aim to deliver knowledge and tools which will make barley more resource efficient, more adapted and resilient to future climate, optimised for evolving cropping systems and appropriate to form the basis of future sustainable value chains.

Research team

Find out more about the staff working under the Environment theme and the projects they are taking part in.

Dr Tim George

Rhizosphere Scientist

Dr Craig Simpson

Senior Research Scientist

Dr Jorunn Bos

Royal Society Fellow

Prof Adrian Newton

Senior Research Leader

Dr Maddy Giles

Research Scientist

Prof Rob Brooker

Head of Ecological Sciences

Dr Joanne Russell

Barley Geneticist

Dr Chiara Campoli

Barley Geneticist

Dr Alison Karley


Dr Tracy Valentine

Root Biologist

Dr Eric Paterson

Principal Scientist, Plant-Soil interactions

Dr Mike Rivington

Senior Scientist

Dr Kelly Houston

Barley Geneticist

Dr Davide Bulgareli

Senior Lecturer

Dr Pete Iannetta

Head of Ecological Food Systems

Dr Ken Loades

Research Leader

Dr Roy Neilson

Group Leader, Plant-Soil interactions