Teaching and education

The International Barley Hub (IBH) is committed to the training and development of our next generation of researchers at the forefront of international barley science. It’s in a unique position, as part of the James Hutton Institute, in developing an array of research projects from varied disciplines ranging from social sciences through to molecular breeding and field research. New talent is developed through teaching and educational resources that includes internships, graduate, postgraduate and postdoctoral research.

The IBH has a major role to play in the development of postgraduate PhD studentships that allow new focused research on questions and problems of barley. PhD students are valued, skilled and motivated researchers that stretch their supervisors and allow the development of new research areas, and build new interactions and partnerships with universities, companies, stakeholders, researchers and the public. Our students are registered at local, national and international universities and have the advantage of accessing unique knowledge, technology and skills to bring to the challenges of barley research.

Our studentships are funded by a range of bodies, including UK research and Innovation (UKRI) and Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division (RESAS) as well as stakeholders, charities and industry. Mylnefield Trust is particularly interested in the development of a new generation of plant breeders for barley (and potato and soft fruit) using and developing modern techniques and skills to advance field breeding that are of value not only to breeding companies but to barley field research.

We are dedicated to public outreach through visits and public events such as the annual Plant Power Days. Our public outreach aims to inform and increase enthusiasm about plant sciences and the importance of barley science to agriculture, and the food and drink industries.

Barley studentship funding


An industry led collaborative training partnership funded by BBSRC which brings together academic expertise and industrial opportunities to address research priorities that impact the sustainability of barley production.

EASTBIO doctoral training

The East of Scotland Bioscience (EASTBIO) doctoral training partnership between universities and research institutions, aims to deliver world-class interdisciplinary training to bioscience PhD students and offers opportunities for collaborative research, access to expertise and research facilities.