Research theme: Data science

Our data science research

We deliver diverse computational research capabilities covering bioinformatics, software development, biological visualisation, image analysis and modelling to aid the interpretation of complex experimental data. This capability is critical given the increasing variety, volume and speed at which new data is becoming available and the requirement to mine large datasets for biologically important knowledge.

Our research spans genetics, genomics, plant pre-breeding, transcriptomics, variomics, climate modelling, biodiversity and the environment. We have experience in handling large and complex datasets (big data) and are exploring ways to efficiently harness data from emerging technologies such as UAVs and ground-based robots to advance our capabilities. We boast access to one of the largest High Performance Compute facilities in Scotland, offering significant compute and graphics processing capability and hosted within the IBH in a custom built, energy efficient data centre.

Taken together we develop novel approaches to data science and deliver world class information systems to aid global barley and crop research. When coupled with Environment and Biodiversity, Data Science will underpin the development of more adapted and resilient crops for a changing climate.

Development of interactive visualisation tools bringing together expertise with UAV and software development and visualisation to develop tools to help interpret field trials data across timepoints. Tools like these can also have application with data obtained from field robots and compared against ground truth data.
Software development plays an important role in allowing researchers to interact with their data. In this example the current UK barley Recommended List is displayed in the interactive pedigree viewer Helium with data overlayed to show the inheritance of agriculturally important traits.

Research team

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Dr Paul Shaw

Senior Research Scientist

Sebastian Raubach

Bioinformatics Research Software Engineer

Dr Iain Milne

Research Software Engineer

Fraser McFarlane

Research Software Engineer

Dr Runxuan Zhang

Computational Biologist

Dr Miriam Schreiber

Computational Biologist

Dr Wenbin Guo


Mohamed Salama

Data Scientist

Dr Micha Bayer

Bioinformatics Specialist

Dr Damien Bienkowski

Post-doctoral researcher

Dr Linda Milne

Bioinformatics Specialist

Malcolm Macaulay

Research Assistant