BARIToNE – collaborative training partnership

The programme

BARIToNE: Barley Industrial Training Network is a £3.6m BBSRC and industry-funded seven-year Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP) led by the Scotch Whisky Research Institute. It will support 30 PhD researchers to carry out cutting-edge research projects driven by industry needs and focuses on the medium-long term challenge of maintaining a sustainable supply of local high-quality barley, produced using fewer inputs and having fewer environmental impacts. It will provide state of the art research training through close academic associations with the International Barley Hub (IBH) and innovation through industry-relevant research. It is focused on research excellence as a vehicle to ensure the long-term sustainability of barley supply and value chains.

The BARIToNE CTP comprises 18 industrial and 7 academic collaborating partners. All participants endeavour for their products to be carbon neutral and support initiatives that reduce environmental impacts across all sectors of the supply and value chain. The principal focus of this industry-led CTP is driving down the environmental footprint of primary production while maintaining a sustainable supply of high-quality barley. Projects are under three overlapping research themes: Climate resilience, reducing inputs, and healthy soils.