IBH Seminar: The Carlsberg Research Laboratory – our journey to better beer

Speaker bio:

Birgitte Skadhauge completed her master studies at the Royal and Veterinary Agricultural University, DNK, followed by a PhD in biochemistry and genetics at the Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen. Since 2011, she is Director for Applied Research at the Carlsberg Group, and since 2013 she is leading the explorative and commercial activities of the Carlsberg Research Laboratory in her role as Vice President. Birgitte was additionally appointed Adjunct Professor at Danish universities (2012 – 2018 Århus University; since 2018 Copenhagen University). In 2020, she was elected member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences, DNK.

Further, Birgitte is a member of several scientific advisory boards and committees, including AgroFoodTure Board (DNK); Secobra Recherches Board (FRA); SEGES Innovation Board (DNK); Danish Industry, Committee for Research, Innovation and Education (DNK); Board member Association for Danish Variety Owners (DNK); Board member Scandinavian Brewing School (DNK); Board member Carlsberg’s Memorial Foundation for Brewer J.C. Jacobsen (DNK); Traitomic Advisory Board (DNK); and the Louis Pasteur International Advisory Board (FRA).


The Carlsberg Research Laboratory (CRL) is one of the first industrial laboratories in the world. Founded in 1875 by Danish beer brewer J.C. Jacobsen, it is the place where pure lager yeast was isolated and cultured, the pH scale was invented and where, more recently, Nobel laureate Morten P. Meldal did groundbreaking research. What started as a quest to develop the scientific basis for malting, brewing and fermentation, is today a world-leading laboratory for brewing-oriented research. From the breeding of crops to developing innovative new beverages, CRL has it all under one roof – we think, study and innovate brewing every day to support a sustainable future.