Cereals 2024

We are delighted to be attending this year’s Cereals event, join us on June 11 – 12, Stand 502

Cereals is the UK’s technical event for the arable industry. Over 20,000 farmers, agronomists, and industry experts visit Cereals each year to discover the latest arable innovations, hear from key opinion leaders, and find the best arable products and services to help grow their businesses.  Visit the Cereals website for further information.

Visit our stand for plot tours, Maris Otter beer tasting, enjoy many barely related products and catch up on the latest barley research and international barley hub projects. We will be displaying 2 sets of winter barley plots at the event:

Paul Shaw, IBH, at Cereals 2023

Food barleys

Barley is mainly used for animal feed and malting although historically it was largely a food grain. Our plots contain landraces (locally adapted cultivars) crossed into elite winter lines. These landraces contain important traits for human health including high levels of grain beta-glucan & anthocyanins which have been shown to reduce the chances of developing several types of cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Maris Otter – Malting Influencer

Maris Otter, a two-row, winter barley variety bred in 1966 was Britain’s first commercial winter habit malting barley. It’s exceptional malting characteristics and unique rich malty flavour profile secured it’s place a symbol of tradition and heritage in brewing. Our plots show Maris Otters influence on the UK winter barley malting recommended list over the last 60 years.