Adaptation of winter barley cultivars to inversion and non-inversion tillage for yield and rhynchosporium symptoms

Newton, A.C., Hawes, C., Hackett, C.A. (2021). Agronomy 11, 30. 

Modern cereal cultivars are highly adapted to, and normally bred and trialled under, high input, high soil disturbance conditions. On-farm conditions are often suboptimal for high yield and frequently use minimal soil tillage, sometimes no-tillage, and therefore, cultivars may be differentially adapted to such conditions. From trials spanning 10 years, the authors compare many varieties and identify some that show preferential adaptation to inversion (plough) and non-inversion (minimum / zero) tillage. These cultivars can be used to identify traits and genotypes associated with tillage adaptation to target breeding for on-farm conditions. Also, Rhynchosporium symptoms were increasingly suppressed over time in the non-inversion tillage type.