IBH Seminar: Water and Effluent Efficiency in Modern Malting

Dr. Richard Broadbent 

Speaker Bios:

Dr. Richard Broadbent has worked in the UK malting industry since 2002 working for Bairds Malt in a variety of roles. He currently holds the role of Vice President of United Malt and General Manager for UK. Richard Is a Master Maltster and is a committee member of the AHDB Barley Oats and Other Cereals Committee as well as the IBD Malting Barley Committee. Prior to working for Bairds Malt, Richard gained an honours degree in Brewing and Distilling as well as a PhD in Barley endosperm structure


This talk will cover the various steeping and effluent systems applicable to modern maltings systems. The talk will focus on the design differences between these steeping and effluent systems, the effect on the water and effluent use efficiency, malt quality parameters and the long term sustainability of the malting process.